EDILLIA develops services in organisation for professional media,
from technical development in graphic arts to the formation in numerical techniques

Professional media organisation

We appraise and control the problems of file production, storage and distribution in synergy with all the actors around the production line. We intervene on your reorganisation projects for document storage, numerical integration techniques, photo libraries computerization or any other kind of documentary funds We re engineer the organisational, technical and documentary aspects using a mandatory legal approach for widening distribution and a better global security understanding.

We propose our knowledge in the renewal of the economy of documents and pictures. We ensure the training of your collaborators. We develop edilliafiles, the service of management and diffusion of the elements of your communication.


The information Asset Management

Because the companies want to optimize their communication

  • To standardize the external and internal exchanges of documents
  • To facilitate the access to internal information
  • To obtain a global sight on reusable files
  • To diffuse certified documents
  • To improve the dialogue with the production actors

Because the companies want to reduce their production costs

  • To increase their rate of re-use elements
  • To analyze and compare the costs
  • To make the data safe by filing the files outside the production context.
  • To optimize the flows with the manufacturing partners
  • To charge a file of production in emergency
  • To be compatible with the business applications  

We will ensure your company and your partners

  • The online- control of your documents
  • The permanent update of legal, technical and documentary information
  • Publication of targeted documents of communication
  • The distribution of the indexes between the actors of the production line
  • Effective exploitation functions: safe downloads (for models or direct uses), order-forms to manufacturing partners (copies, reprinting...), publication of selections to customers or counterparts (validation or diffusion)
  • A control of the exploitation of the documents thanks to the traceability of flows
  • A safety backup
  • An operational maintenance for applications


The numerical aspects of the companies communication is entering a phase of maturity. All the actors in the media production line that are taking part into the realization of your paper or electronic documents imply the use of the digital techniques, from the simple pictures to the offset printing support. On the other hand, the validation processes, the recording standards, the modes of storage and transmission of the files remain in charge of any of your manufacturing partners. This world remains multiple and heterogeneous and does not allow you a sufficient visibility. To optimize the production and to increase the rate of re-used file, many companies are  centralizing management for their documents.

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